Epoxy Flooring and Coating

We established our epoxy flooring and coating works in Qatar on the year 2013 and started as a partnership with Engineering Group for Contracting (ECG), a leading company in Egyptian market in the field of corrosion protection, thermal insulation and fire proofing.

Engineering Group of Contracting (ECG) Established in 1990 and since that time maintained its high reputation in the execution of the most strategic and vital projects include its efficient, skilled and experienced personnel and their comprehensive engineering knowledge and its extended quantitative and qualitative services that meet customer satisfaction in Egyptian Market.

In Partnership with Engineering Group for Contracting (ECG) we are one of the prominent service provider of a complete range of Flooring and Coating services. We are handled by experienced industry professionals, these comprise Heavy Duty Flooring, Permanent Aisle Markings, Zebra Crossing, Polyurethane Wall Coating, Anti-Static Flooring, Solvent less Floor Coating, Self-Level Floorings, M/C Grouting, Water Proofing Service, Anti Corrosive Screeds & Coatings, Polyurethane Floorings, Anti-Skid Floorings and Sign & Number Markings, blast cleaning using any of abrasive protective coating for steel structure, tanks internal and external surfaces, pipes internal and external surfaces etc.

Our well defined service approach as well as services of experienced industry professionals handling the complete flooring needs ensures that the Floor is saved from weather & chemical corrosion. Further, our in-depth knowledge of the involved processes also allows us to ensure competent service solutions are delivered to our customers.

Led by experienced management, we as a team are successful in understanding as well as meeting the specific Flooring needs of our customers. Further, the use of quality & certified products in the involved services also ensure that the end finish provided is of superior quality. Further, we are also concerned regarding the safety & welfare of our work force. For this, we take all necessary measures for ensuring safe as well as clean working environment for them.


Doha International Co. is certified by M/s. FOSROC has an approved applicator for the flooring and coating fosroc products. Today, our consistent approach in offering the services has helped us to gain support from many quality conscious customers as well as emerge as a leading service provider in our industry sector. Further, our expertise in meeting client specific work process/finish requirements as well as competitively priced solutions is also helping us in further expanding the reach of our services in the markets.

Presently, we are offering service solutions for:

  • Corrosion protection using chemical and mechanical method: Blast cleaning using any of abrasive protective coating for steel structure, tanks internal and external surfaces, pipes internal and external surfaces etc.
  • Hydro blasting for ferrous and nonferrous substrate using ultrahigh pressure water jetting.
  • Shot blasting for steel sections, pipes, sheets and plates.
  • Thermal insulation – Lining
  • Onshore and offshore works
  • Application of various types of fire proofing systems
  • Integrated civil and architect contracting works.
  • Scaffolding and erection works.
  • Steel fabrication and erection works
  • Medium and Heavy Duty Flooring For Industries
  • Permanent Aisle Markings (Yellow Line)
  • Zebra Crossing
  • Polyurethane Wall Coating
  • Polyurethane Flooring
  • Solvent less Floor Coating
  • Self Level Floorings
  • M/c Grouting
  • Water Proofing (Terrace & Exterior Walls).
  • Anti Corrosive Screeds & Coatings.
  • Anti Skid Floorings
  • Anti Static Flooring
  • Sign and Number Marking